80-page color comic
Language: Basque
Size: 21 x 29 cm.
Release Date: November 15, 2021

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80-page colour comic bound with a hard cover (in Basque).

A fictional story created by Alex Tello linking passages from Su Ta Gar’s songs.

Julen Ribas, through his drawings, brings to life both the story and especially Sua’s own.

The prologue written by Mikel Soto from his personal knowledge and experience.

The external and internal struggles that Su Ta Gar has transmitted throughout its career will be assumed by Sua, in this story in which fiction, fantasy and reality are combined.

Just as the group in its work has collected testimony of 30 years, Sua will also remind us of the last 30 years of our history. Thus, in addition to showing the socio-political context of Euskal Herria, Sua will explain to us how the struggle of life affects every human being.

We will discover easily recognizable and identifiable moments and passages. That is, ideal for both those who were young at the beginning of the group and for those who are so today.


Young Sua is disappointed with his lifestyle and his only motivation will be to dive into the revelry.

After hitting rock bottom, the passion for music fills him with enthusiasm and he manages to let go off his feelings, all of this framed in a convulsive socio-political context.